Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Montgomery Faculty Categories "Filled" With MCPS Students World Health Organization Would Like Remedial Mathematics

With very little regard for whether or not or not they're prepared, MCPS students square measure being nearly universally pushed into pure pre-algebra online tests on eduboard.com, and a Montgomery faculty mathematics prof reports that excessive acceleration is backfiring.

From today's Gazette:
"Our goal is to induce … eighty p.c of our students to be college-ready by 2014," colleges Superintendent Krauthead D. Weast aforementioned at the time. "It's associate degree formidable, however terribly accessible, goal as long as our students grasp the pathway that it'll go for get there."

But the pace may well be too quick, aforementioned Dina Yagodich, associate degree adjunct mathematics prof at Montgomery College's Germantown field with 3 kids in county colleges. whereas she isn't against acceleration, some students cannot handle the advanced pace, she said.

Her pre-algebra categories at the faculty square measure "filled" with students World Health Organization graduated from the varsity system, she noted.


"I am involved for the push to induce eighty p.c of scholars a full grade level ahead once twenty six.8 p.c of them are not even at the eighth-grade level," Yagodich aforementioned. "The push for acceleration has involved Pine Tree State, and though it's smart for several students, I worry that several students square measure pushed on the far side their skills and square measure ne'er able to catch copy."

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